When it comes to your home or business, security should always be a priority. Your doors, door locks and windows are at the heart of securing your premises – they need to be checked regularly and sometimes further security measures are required for extra protection.

At Lock Logic, we are committed to creating safer premises all across South Wales. Our locksmith has the knowledge, experience and expertise to advise on the best security options per individual premises and will install measures to a high quality standard.

Read more about our security services below:

FREE Security Assessment

If you are unsure or worried about the current level of security at your home or business, why not give us a call to arrange a FREE, no obligation security assessment. We’re happy to visit, assess the security measures in place and advise you on the best ways to make changes to your premises.

We can check the condition and reliability of your locks, doors and windows as well as the effectiveness of any other security measures you may have put in place. Plus, should you experience a break in and you’re unsure whether your insurance is valid, we can visit, carry out an assessment and assure you.

Burglary Prevention Measures

If you have been advised that the security at your premises is insufficient or if you would like to install further security measures, we can help. Our professional team have the tools, supplies and expertise to provide your home or business with the extra protection that you require.

We can fit completely new locks or upgrade your existing locks using the latest insurance and Police approved British Standard supplies. Or, for extra protection and burglary prevention, we can provide and fit door chains, door viewers and bolts.

Don’t take the risk of holding back on your security measures. Contact us today and we’ll ensure your premises are as secure as they can be.